Conference App

Converia provides a Conference App to help you navigate UQ20, create your personalized program, define favourites etc.

  • To set up the app on your smartphone, open the URL in the browser.
  • In Chrome (Android) you can then create a shortcut to the start screen (Settings> "Add to start screen").
  • In Safari (iPhone) it works similarly: Open the URL, and add it to the home screen via the share icon. Afterwards the app can be started directly by clicking on the app icon.
  • The data is saved locally when used in the browser, and the app can also be used offline. If the conference program is updated, and the smartphone re-connects to the Internet, the app can be updated.

Link to the UQ20 Conference App


Please note: The Conference App

  • is not available in App Stores,
  • can be used offline,
  • runs with webkit browsers (Android/IOS/Windowsphone)
  • Firefox mobile is not fully supported,
  • is not optimized for use with desktop browsers,
  • does not run in private mode on smartphones.
  • If you wish to use the favourite function, your device should accept Third Party Cookies.